While you probably already know that The Foam Shop is Canada’s Comfort Provider, how much do you really know about the custom cut process?

Whether you’re looking for upholstery foam to provide high-density comfort on seats, sofas, and chairs. Or foam mattress toppers to give your bed some added luxury, we’re here to inform and provide options for all of your custom cut foam needs. So, get comfortable!

Q: What is custom cut foam?
A: Custom cut foam is a foam piece that’s structurally designed to fit the framework of a unique project. Although, it’s usually customized for household and vehicle furnishings, it’s also well used as a comfort product in the medical field.

Q: How is foam made?
A:Creating high-density foam is a lot like baking a cake. First, you gather and mix your ingredients and then you bake it into a finished product. In both cases, the ingredients you choose, and the recipe you follow will determine the quality of the final product.

What determines the quality of high-density foam includes:

  1. Filtration and Pressure –The materials used to create foam pass through a multistage filtration process, designed to eliminate any unwanted components from the mixture. The better these ingredients are filtered, the better the foam quality will be, as there will be less “junk” interfering in the bonding process. The speed and pressure that these materials travel through the filters have a large impact on foam quality as well. Too much pressure can create “blow holes” in the foam, while too little pressure can create dense pockets. A mistake in the filtration or pressures used in the mixing process will often result in a poor performing foam (known as off-spec foam).
  2. Pure Recipe – Great foam manufacturers take every precaution to keep their ingredients pure while crafting their foams. First-grade foams are made pure, while discount foams can be made with clay fillers to increase the weight but not the quality. The Foam Shop only sells first-grade foams.
  3. Material quality – There are many ingredients that go into the making of a great foam, and just like baking a cake, the better ingredients you use, the better quality the final product will be.  In the case of foam, one example is the grade of polyol used;  a higher grade will ensure a stronger bond and better cell structure, offering you improved comfort and product life. Foam without a strong bond won’t stand the test of time, even though it might weigh in at an appropriate density.

Q: Is there a standard across the board?
A: That’s the great freedom of custom-cut foam… it’s custom! This means that it comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and laying options that allow you to use it to fit all of your comfort needs.

Q: What can custom cut foam be used for?
A: There are so many places where you need a bit of cozy cushioning to feel snug and restful, which is why we cut and size foam, in a range of qualities and firmness. It can to be used as upholstery foam, pillows, foam mattress toppers, medical support wedges and cushions, garden mats, camp bed foam mattresses and even unique products such as daycare mats, yoga blocks, and vented beanbags. Who knew custom cut foam had so many purposes?

The Process:
1) Determine your measurements or make a template
2) Bring them into The Foam Shop near you
3) In the comfort of our store, sit, sample, and find the perfect foam from a selection of over 30 comfort options.
4) Let the cutting begin!
5) Finally, if you have any covers available, we will stuff your new foam into your covers for you so you walk away with brand new cushions.

Q: What is the cost of custom cut foam?
A: Matching our clients with the right foam for the right job takes expertise. Custom cutting that foam takes a steady hand and a keen eye. Determining the cost of that project is usually quick and easy. All we need are the measurements of your cushion, and rough idea of the usage and we can often provide a quote for you. So, if you want your product to look amazing and properly fit your desired project, you’ll want to ensure that’s handled by a professional.
With everything from the shape, size, fabric, quality, and firmness to consider, it’s always best to visit The Foam Shop with a thought on your design and budget. We can custom cut foam in Prince George, Metro Vancouver, and even Vancouver Island; we have a total of 13 accessible locations to service your custom cut foam needs. However, if you live remotely and are unable to make it into our store, you can still shop from the comfort of your home!

Are you interested in checking out The Foam Shop for your next custom cut foam purchase? We’ve got 13 convenient locations across BC and Vancouver Island and the best part is you can now buy foam in Prince George.
We recently opened our first Northern BC location which is based at 2277 Westwood Drive, Prince George. This shop is in the heart of Aspen Plaza and features everything about foam, including high-quality, custom cut pieces for all your home, garden, and RV trailer projects!