With over 40 years experience working in the foam industry, Ernie’s experience includes foam chemical engineering, manufacturing processes, wholesale and retail sales management and a comfort expert. This experience is built into every item we sell to ensure quality, design expertise and an enjoyable comfort experience for our customers.

Ernest Bortolin
Ernest BortolinPres. & Owner

Our Management Team

Lucas Kersen
Lucas KersenArea Manager
Joining The Foam Shop in 2021, Lucas is passionate about training, operations and customer satisfaction. Lucas brings over 10 years of managerial experience in the Service industry. Lucas leads all of The Foam Shop stores as an Area Manager.
Debbie Howard
Debbie HowardProduction Manager
Hired as a Sales Associate in 1991, Debbie excelled quickly in the upholstery division. Today, she manages both the upholstery and distribution teams for The Foam Shop.
Dana Bortolin
Dana BortolinOffice Manager
Joining the company in 2011, Dana manages the accounting, accounts payable, receivable, and payroll departments of our Head Office team.

The Foam Shop's Managment
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