The Foam Shop proudly stands behind the quality of our products, and we know you will too.  That’s why we provide a RestAssured Warranty on every sale, ensuring that your purchase arrives free of any material defects in manufacturing or workmanship.   In the unlikely case that there is defect, we promise to replace or repair your order.

Terms & Conditions

How long is the Warranty:

The purpose of the RestAssured Warranty it to guarantee your purchase arrives in the same great quality that it left us with.  After receiving your product, you will have a full 30 days to notify us of any material defects.

What is Covered:

The RestAssured Warranty covers three primary parts of your purchase: the foam, the upholstery, and the workmanship (where applicable).  The Foam is warrantied to be free of rips, tears, striations, veins, or any other manufacturing defects.   The Upholstery is warrantied to be free of any holes, rips, or stains. The Workmanship is warrantied to be professional, specifically ensuring order accuracy when cutting foam and sewing fabric.

What is Not Covered

The warranty is null and void if the deterioration is caused by incorrect use, soiling, mildew, neglect, unauthorized alterations, improper storage, fire, flood, lightning, act of God or other events beyond the control of The Foam Shop.

Making a Claim

In the unlikely case that you are shipped a product with a manufacturing defect, rest assured we are deeply sorry, and will repair or replace your order as fast as we can.  Please follow these steps upon discovering a defect in your order:

1) Document the material defect.  Take a few pictures, and write a small description if necessary.
2) Email us right away at with your information and pictures.
3) From there, you can get comfortable, and we will work on a repair or replacement solution for you. 

Other Terms

The Rest Assured Warranty is non-transferable to a third party.  Only the original purchaser may peruse a warranty reimbursement.

In agreeing to the terms of this warranty, the customer acknowledges that they are expected to fulfil the three steps listed under Making a Claim within 48hours of discovering the defect in their order.   This protects both the customer and The Foam Shop from misinformation during claim review.

In no case shall The Foam Shop be liable for any consequential or incidental damages for breach of this or any other warranty expressed or implied whatsoever, even if the loss or damage is caused by the company’s negligence or fault.